"Everything has changed since... it's made my life just perfect and so much better than it was"





Arriving back home from holidays Rhona was unhappy. Very unhappy.

And it wasn’t from the usual holiday blues or because she missed the Spanish sangria and tapas.


Rhona was very unhappy when scrolling through her holiday pictures, because she could not find one picture that she was in anyway happy with.


Sitting on the couch, shaking her head in disbelief, she wondered, how could she have let herself slip into such bad habits and put on this weight?

Really she knew though...




She knew what she had to do.

She had to take some time for her… she had to find that space inside of her that was exclusively hers and reconnect with her motivation.

Which, let’s face it, is a lot easier said than done, especially when you have raise and feed 2 hungry kids, juggle friends and family and wear the other 40 hats mothers are expected to wear!


Pinching in and out of the pictures on her phone, she promised herself that things had to be change, and that next year things would be different.

So right out of the gate she tried a number of diets that may have worked for her in the past, from Slimming World to Low carb, and while she saw some short term weight loss it never lasted in the long run.

In just a couple of weeks her initial motivation began to wayne, and old habits began to creep back in.

She was about to fall into that slump which had happened so many times before (we all know that feeling!)


It was then that a friend of Rhona’s sent her a link to Free Nutrition Masterclass and she decided to attend for my Nutrition and Mindset training, what had she got to lose?

It was free and... she could stream it online!



---    Spoiler alert   --- 

See Rhona (right) by the pool this year - well done Rhona you look fab!



Within the first day of training Rhona knew it was different than anything she had tried before,  

Rhona knew it was different and soon her friends and family started noticing too.


I don’t think there is anything more motivational when your family and friends start noticing the change in your body and attitude!

It was only then that Rhona realised that she had been lied to for years by large food companies and supermarkets alike.

They lied to Rhona and they lie to you, and they lie to millions of women everyday, multiple times a day on what “healthy” is.

The cold hard truth is that,

...at the end of the day large food companies and retailers are set up to sell food.

They are not there to make you healthy.

They are set up to sell you food. Period.

But if you don’t have the food corporations giving you the right information who will?  

And so we shouldn’t be surprised that sometimes we can lose our way… we need to take the power back and get educated!

Anyway sorry rant over, back to Rhona’s story!


After the first 2 - 3 of weeks of the training Rhona’s body and mind were working like a

...well oiled fat burning machine...

and she was getting incredible results everyday.




Or in her words...

“Things kept on getting better and better and rolling rolling rolling!”

If you haven’t yet take a moment and watch Rhona’s video below so you can see her results for yourself, come back then to see how the story ends!



Okay so how do start your own journey to reclaim a healthier version of yourself just like Rhona did?

Well that is the easy part…

Rhona’s journey began by attending one of my Free Nutrition Masterclasses and you can too.

So it’s clear, you have two choices

Choice 1

You can keep going with whatever diet or nutrition plan you are on and hope to get the results you want or…

Choice 2

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Before I continue did I mention that, this is an online class is completely free no strings attached?

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I recommend laptop or PC and just attend...

I want share this information with you, and as many women as I can so that that we can experience life to higher level and reclaim a healthier version of yourself.


I know we are talking about Rhona today but I have literally seen 1000’s of women that have had the same incredible journey as Rhona and so I know what works.

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