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Delicious Healthy Recipes!

Designed By Sophie with Nutritional Information
  • Broccoli Fritters

    Broccoli Fritters Makes 8 Ready in 30 mins Suitable for Freezing One of my most popular finger food recipes! These fritters are super as they’re so easy to make and you can pop them in the freezer for a stash of handy lunches! They are also great for getting the […]

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  • Banana & Avocado Muffins

    Banana & Avocado Muffins Makes 12 regular or 30 mini muffins Ready in 30 mins Suitable for Freezing Muffins are one of my favourite finger food recipes as they’re so versatile. You can make sweet or savoury and get all sorts of nutritious ingredients in there! Babies tend to love […]

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  • Baby Oat & Fruit Bars

    Baby Oat & Fruit Bars Previous Next Makes 16 small bars Ready in 30 mins Suitable for Freezing These little bars are a super snack option for baby. The texture is really good for a younger weaning baby to gum on and older babies will enjoy the soft texture. You […]

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Sophie Morris

Sophie Morris


About Sophie

Sophie Morris is a Nutritionist, TV chef and published cookbook author. Sophie’s passion for healthy nutrition and cooking, along with having her first baby boy, led her to have a particular interest in infant nutrition which she now specialises in.

“When I started my weaning journey with Wrio I realised how many parents feel overwhelmed and anxious at the prospect of starting their baby on solid foods. I felt compelled to create content that would help parents through the process and give them the confidence to know what and how to wean their baby. I love what I do and my goal is to help you set your baby up to have a great relationship with healthy food right from the start! I give you the confidence and knowledge to know how to feed your baby nutritionally balanced meals using a baby led approach that will help them thrive”



Thank you so much for your precious advice, and for all the recipes you post. Because of you I’ve changed over to baby led feeding, and following your ideas and recipes has made it so much easier for me - and has prevented her living on steamed vegetables. Thank you so much Sophie!


Hi Sophie, I started following your weekly methods. This has hugely helped me as I was struggling as to where to start. Thank you, it makes so much sense 😊


Love your weaning recipes and tips, I’m starting with my little boy tomorrow and feeling a lot more confident from watching your videos 🙌🙌 Going to go with broccoli and avocado for first few days

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