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Sophie Morris

Sophie Morris


About Sophie

Sophie Morris is a Nutrition Coach, TV chef and published cookbook author. She has also founded and mentored a number of Irish Food Start Ups. Her achievements in her food career resulted in her winning Image Magazine’s Young Businesswomen of the Year in 2012.

Sophie’s passion for healthy nutrition and food is what led her to develop her groundbreaking new programme “Sophie’s VIP Membership” which coaches women to their body & health goals through a focus on nutrition education, support and mindset. Sophie teaches how to make small changes in your mindset and nutrition that will have a big impact on your health & lifestyle.

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It is my passion to help as many women as possible reclaim a healthier version of themselves, by empowering them with the nutrition knowledge they need to make the right food choices for themselves and their families.

This is just start though, because after we know the facts we need to stay motivated. My team and I are dedicated to keep our VIP Members supported and motivated.

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